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Our prices are bargain basement as we buy and sell in bulk volume to wholesalers and event planners etc... but we also soon be selling linen like tablecloths directly to the public from our discount table linens store. Check out our rectangular Navy Blue Tablecloths for some super bargains.

Event Table Linens Planning Ahead

When you are planning your event consider the many possibilities available to you for your table linens, be sure to research well if you are considering standard round white tablecloths, keep in mind that you can also use tablecloths will vibrant colors and make a dramatic statement, colored tablecloths are usually the same price as standard white table linens. The size of your tablecloths and napkins will of course depend on the size of your table. Dressing them with beautiful Eventex linens which come in 30 dynamic tablecloth colors is the most dramatic way to change the ambience of your event space and make a personal statement with style and color.

Will the event planner, caterer, hotel or venue, provide the tablecloths?

Sometimes wedding planners, caterers, or reception venues will provide standard "House Linens" as part of a package deal. Some will refund part of your cost if you choose not to use their house linens, you may want to use their's if they have "exactly" what you want in the color and size. The hospitality industry calls these table linens "house linens" or "full tablecloth" when used alone, and "under cloth" or "table liner" when a table runner or table topper is used for accent.

Will the tablecloths reach the floor?

The critical question regarding tablecloths is what will the "drop" be, meaning the amount of tablecloth that hangs over the edge of the table. Most people at weddings and events like to see the tablecloths touch the floor, but some prefer a half-way "drop". as tableloths can be too long and bunch under the table but it is far better for them to be too long than to be too short. Check out our table linen sizes guide and keep in mind if your event budget is an issue in these difficult economic times will give you the biggest table linens bang for your buck with our stylish and colorful tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers.

What table linen colors are available?

You will be pleased to hear we have 22 vibrant and exciting colors available. Our most popular wedding colors are white, black, ivory, burgundy, and chocolate, consult with your wedding planner or reception reception venue and choose table linen colors that work well in the room where you will be hosting the event. Make it a fun project and consider creative ideas such as matching your bridesmaid's outfits with elements of the room decor.

Are the tablecloth colors on your website the exact colors I will receive when I buy your table linens?

Viewing exact linen colors on a computer screen is somewhat subjective as the exact color you see depends on your own computer monitor settings and your computer screen resolution, but for the most part the online color will be exactly or almost exactly what you will receive when you order from us, if there is a difference it will be very slight and hardly noticable. You can see all of our available tablecloth colors on our Tablecloth Color Chart, and our table skirting colors on our Table Skirt Color Chart.

Event Venue Lighting

It is wise to consider any room lighting change that may occur during your event, many events begin when it's daylight and as the evening progresses electric lighting is switched on and this can color the room decor and in some cases can noticeably change the overall ambience and style of the room, the degree of change depends on the type of lighting so be sure to consult with your wedding planner or the reception venue staff, and if possible go to the reception venue and check it out for yourself.

Table runners or full length tableloths?

If your wedding planner ot reception venue will be providing tablecloths it is cheaper to just buy a suitable table runner. However, if no tablecloths are provided then you will need to buy both a tablecloth and the table runner or buy a full floor length tablecloth for each table. It is not just a matter of budget but also of having the "right look". Some people prefer the layered two tablecloth style while others prefer the smooth style of one tablecloth. Both ways are correct it's purely a matter of taste and style.

How many people will fit at each table?

The standard table sizes for event tables are 60 inch round tables that seat 8 guests comfortably and 10 guests not so comfortably. 72 inch round tables seat 10 to 12 guests. Ideally you seat to the lower number at the table but sometimes guest comfort can be sacrificed for other reasons, mabey a group of colleagues or sisters may all want to sit together and they would rather be seated together than separated, or sometimes it depends on the size of the event room and the number of guests, each time you add a table you will add an additional table centerpiece and tablecloth. 160 people seated at 60 inch round tables can be either 16 tables of 10 guests or 20 tables of 8 guests. Sometimes the reception venue will only have one size table available or a set configuration of tables due to the room size and layout. The most important thing is to make your guests as comfortable as possible with the tables and space you have available.


When choosing napkins you can be sure our napkin fabric is heavy enough to hold a fold and will be absorbent. The fabric is exactly the same 100% visa polyester fabric as our tablecloths. We would be glad to send you a sample free of charge, contact us here to request a sample napkin.

Chair Covers and Sashes

The chairs at your event reception venue may be suitable, however, if the chairs are unsuitable consider using chair covers. Chair covers and sashes are available in a variety of colors and styles and may easily solve any problem with the chairs. Make sure the chair covers you want actually fit the chairs your going to use and do you need folding chair covers or banquet chair covers.

Chairs and covers come in different sizes and do not always fit each other, it's better to find this out well before your event, also make sure the event caterer, planner, hotel or reception venue has the staff and have agreed to put the chair covers (and sashes) on and take them off after the event. The alternative to chair covers is to rent a better chair, there are a wide range of chair styles and costs ranging from a basic plastic folding chair or higher end white wood folding chairs to very expensive banquet chairs.

Keep in mind that the venue's existing chairs will have to be removed and stored and also put back after your event so allow for this labor cost in your budget.

Catering Buffets

The catering buffet should always be styled with additional table linens. If the guest tables have upgraded linens then the buffet should be matched with the same or very similar style table linens. If you have plain house tablecloths on the guest tables then the catering buffet should be dressed with decorative table linens that match with the room. The buffet is of course about the food on the menu, but it is also about the overall presentation of the event room.

Gift Table Location

The location of the gift table varies and the location will determine the extent that it should be decorated. If it is in the main dining area then it should match or blend with the guest tables. If it's situated outside the main dining area then it should be dressed in a single tablecloth with minimum decorations.

Head Table Decorations

A head table if you choose to have one, should be decorated to a greater degree than the guest tables, at many weddings the bride and groom have specially decorated chairs dressed with flowers, garlands, or ribbons. Many couples choose to have chair sashes with names embroidered to keep as a keepsake of the wedding.

Cocktail Tablecloths

Make a statement immediately with the decor in the cocktail area by choosing a tablecloth that is vibrant, elegant and an understated preview of the dining room, or for more adventurous tastes, decorate in direct contrast to the dining room decor. If the cocktail and dining areas are visible to each other the table linens should be matched in style and color.

When all the pieces are put together the main room should produce the "Oohs" and "Aahs" that you deserve to hear when the doors are opened to welcome your guests. You should have strong statements from your flower arrangements and the tablecloths that can be seen from a distance, and also in the napkins and favors that will be enjoyed by your guests after they are seated.

The Cake Table

Cake tables are normally a small round table anywhere from 30" inches (2 1/2ft) wide to 48" inches (4ft) in diameter. Although it should be well decorated your cake table does not need to be decorated too much so as to detract from the cake itself. The cake table tablecloth can be a little shorter as most cake tables need to be easily moveable and they almost always have wheels for this purpose.

Place Card Table Location

Place card tables are normally situated set in the reception venue lobby or in cocktail area and they provide a good opportunity to do a single tablecloth that is either matched with the place cards or something really special such as a large bouquet arrangement, but be sure that it does not appear "too busy" or disturb the layout of the place cards.

Article by Catherine McKee, Catherine McKee is a sales director with Eventex, a wholesale table linens supply company serving wedding planners and also open to the public where you will find a wide selection of elegant wedding table linens, including wholesale table linens, wholesale wedding chair covers, and organza sashes.

The Many Uses For Table Linens

Table linens can accent any decor, from informal, to a white tie affair. Table linens can make even the most modest house into an elegant home.

The manufacturing of linen is fascinating. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. It has been even been known to be made from the fibers of cannabis.

Table linens come in a variety of sizes shapes and colors. They can have patterns or be solid colors. Table linens are a subtle addition to every home. They can be table cloths or placemats, and of course napkins.

When choosing table linens to purchase, there are characteristics to look for. They are a combination of construction, materials, and design. The cotton material makes the table linen more durable and easier to clean. When choosing table linen, choose something that is smooth, if the table linen has "knots" in it, move on to the next piece. Table linen should have a lustrous sheen to them.

Workmanship is everything. Make sure that all designs are evenly spaced and all colors are uniform. Check the seams and make sure that all are even and no stitches are missing. By taking these steps, you are insuring that the table linen you purchase will last long enough for you to pass it down to your grandchildren.

Table linens can be made out of either linen or cotton. Both are natural fibers however, linen is made out of the flax plant found only in western and northern Europe. Cotton comes from the cotton plant found all over the world in hot humid climates. Both of these fabrics become softer with use, and are durable and absorbent.

The difference between the too fabrics is that linen is lighter in weight and does not collect lint. Cotton is a slightly heavier fabric and often shrinks. Although both are considered appropriate for formal occasions, linen is always preferred.

When choosing table linens for a formal occasion such as a banquet or wedding, a solid color with subtle delicate embroidery. Table linens with a pattern on it are used for an informal setting among friends.

When choosing table linens for a special event there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. First is what is the event? Is it a barbeque or a wedding? There are different table linens for different events. Where is the location of your event? What is the color scheme of where the event will be held?

If the event is indoors, bright colors should be used. It the event is outdoors in a park or garden, than pastel colors should be used. Different colors should be use for each season. Bright colors should be used in the spring and in the summer. Darker, bolder colors should be used in autumn and winter.

Remember that soft colors induce a refined dignified atmosphere. When choosing the size of a tablecloth, take into consideration the event. If you are hosting a wedding, then the tablecloth should reach the floor. If it is a birthday party or barbeque, the tablecloth should hang down about twelve inches from the table. Also, the tablecloth should be the shape of the table.

It is always a good idea to purchase a table liner when you purchase your table linens. A liner is a thick piece of cloth that is placed under the table linen on top of the table. They are designed to protect the table from heat and scratches. They can also help create a draping effect for the table linens.

Table linens can be washed at home in cold water. They can either be line dried or in a dryer on the delicate cycle. They need to be taken out have the dryer right away and either folded or put on a hanger to prevent wrinkles. If the linens are made out of lace, taffeta or silk, or if they have fringe on them, dry cleaning is necessary.

Make sure that bleach or harsh detergents are not used on these fabrics. Ironing table linens will give them a clean crisp look. When ironing, place a damp towel between the linen and the iron. NEVER place a hot iron directly on linen. If you are hesitant to iron your linen, take it to the dry cleaner, they will do it for you.

It is very important to store table linens very carefully. If they are expensive or old tablecloths, fold them and store them in a cool dark closet or drawer with acid free paper between each one.

For everyday linen, fold each tablecloth over a wooden hanger and hang them in a dark closet. There are some types of linens that require extra special care. The linens that were past down from generations of grandmothers need to be wrapped in special acid free paper and stored in a dark closet because of the uv lighting. This can damage old linen beyond repair.

Napkins are usually not big enough to put on hangers, it is recommended that they be folded and put in plastic containers and placed in a dark closet also.

Towels have a place in every home. Everyone has towels. That is one thing that is never thrown out. We are always buying new towels but never get rid of the old ones.

There are towels for every day use, towels for guest use and towels just for decor. We have dishtowels and bath towel and towels for just about any use in our homes. There are so many uses for old towels; it is difficult to throw them out.

They could be used as dust rags or to wash the car. There are just so many uses for them. Even if a towel is old ragged and is full of holes, it is possible to find a use for them. We are always looking for something to wipe up a spill with.

For those who are inventive, they can take the old towels, cut them into patches and sew them together to make an incredible beach towel in any size that you want.

Dress Up a Wedding

Linens dress up a wedding, adding a sense of sophistication and refinement. However, purchasing wedding linens can be expensive. Renting wedding linens allows you to have the same elegant look without a hefty price tag. A bonus of renting wedding linens is that many rental services will set up the tablecloths and napkins and help decorate the reception hall as part of their fee.

Table linens are an easy way to decorate a dining table, and because of the large variety of designs and colors available, they provide a fun way to change your decor according to season, style or changing tastes. Table linens are intended to be functional as well as decorative. Ranging from affordable to extravagant, there are table linens to suit any style.

When decorating for your wedding reception, a good place to start is by selecting the right table linens.

Wedding supplies are crucial for every wedding. Acting as a picture puzzle pieces, they create a successful day called the wedding. If you miss out any one, the perfect picture of your wedding remains incomplete and discolored. Hence, it is important to add each element to make an unforgettable day of your life.

Table decorations should be coordinated well with the reception venue. You need to choose an event company to get several matching linens that suits the theme of your wedding. For room decorations, you can choose a different set of mood as per the setting of your wedding occasion.

Every wedding party requires a planning and budget estimate for decorating details that you need to take seriously. Among those items, wedding linens for the tables are quite important but many times couples easily forget about this detail that could largely enhance the dcor of the reception place. These linens are including tablecloths for the tables, chair covers and the napkins for each individual seat. You can have an option of using paper meterials for tablecloths and napkins, but if you want to add elegance onto your stream of wedding theme, then the best choice would be cloth linens for those items. Your guest will notice that you have put a lot of time and effort in order to provide them special feel when they take a seat at the first meal.

Lamour fabric is another types of wedding linens available for your special occasion. Its soft and silky feel comes with variety of color choices. If you use a white tablecloth and colorful options of napkins at the bridal party, it would become gorgeous one that you ever expected. For the chair covers, it's better to choose white or same matching color as the napkins that will provide a contrast in color theme. Depending on your personal style, you can choose many different textures and styles of the linens. But you would need to keep in mind that all the materials would need to match well and coordinate with colors, textures and styles in the other items at the wedding dcor. If you choose to go with custom linen, then consider other elements of your wedding that should help and go well with it.

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Navy Blue Tablecloths

Premium 100% 70x70 inch square polyester navy blue tablecloths for weddings, banquets, event planners, and catering companies, buy tablecloth at wholesale prices with discount coupons and free shipping, perfect for churches, wedding receptions, banquet rooms restaurants, hotels, caterers, parties, home decor and special events.